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Internet Girl*Goddesses of the late 1990's

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We gave out the awards, joined the webrings, and ran cliques. We were the first to buy domain names (delish, siren, choirgirl, gemz) & the first to start journals. We had exotic pseudonyms, which we changed nearly as often as our website layouts. Our pages resided on servers like Geocities, Tripod, Xoom, and Eccentrica, before the days of watermarks and pop-up window advertisements and "getting hosted!".

We remember what things were like in 1996.
We remember pre-56k modems. IRC. ICQ. Web-Based FTP. And most of all, friendship, that no one, especially people "IRL" could understand.

Enough with the drama. :) Join this community if you want to reunite with old friends and find out where the people whose sites you loved and worshipped years ago, are now!

This community is maintained by gegenschein, formerly known as "Kelea", former owner of delish.net/angel, and current owner of siren.org!