The Old Schooler SXSW panel

Hey everyone, I posted in here last year about my SXSW panel about old school online journalling. It happened a month ago and went really well. If you'd like to listen to the podcast it's here at SXSW: A Brief History of Growing Up Online and the Powerpoint slides are here: Slideshare. We got a tiny bit of press, including an ABC News mention and everyone who came enjoyed it. Feel free to post any comments or thoughts you had on the session! This won't be the last I'll be discussing the old schoolers, I have some other ideas I want to do with it -- there is so much to say about this!



wow. i remember many of you.
especially the girls who were also obsessed with radiohead, the smashing pumpkins, hole and tori amos.

i'm ally. and i had a site on, and
(after, and other free spaces)

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machineKUNT Records signs Cindergarden

To celebrate the international success of the "Extreme Women in the Dark Future" compilation machineKUNT Records has signed solo female artist Cindergarden to this newly evolving label.

After her memorable North American tour as keyboardist for System Syn (Metropolis Records) Jaymie Valentine self-released a full length album titled "The Clandestine Experiment" which received critical acclaim.

Hailing from Los Angeles, California with two full length albums and one EP behind her... Jaymie Valentine has been compared to everyone from Last Rites-era Skinny Puppy to Switchblade Symphony to Jack Off Jill. Yet there is nobody that sounds like Cindergarden except for Cindergarden and that is what makes this a special project. Described by listeners as strong, expressive, emotive and accessible Jaymie redefines what dark electronic
and dark ambient should be.

You can download "The Clandestine Experiment" absolutely free at for a taste of what's to come.

Jaymie Valentine will be releasing a new album on machineKUNT Records in 2009.
gay for moleman
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No more greymatter

Hey oldschoolers,

I never had any popular websites, but I was coding/blogging/geeking back in the day, along with everyone else. Anyway, I was just puttering around online and wondered what happened to Noah Grey, author of Greymatter. I was kind of saddened to see that he will be closing his site on January 1st, 2009. Noah Grey's online presence will be missed. He's a talented coder, photographer, and one helluva writer.

Originally I was a happy Blogger user, but then their service began crapping out, so I looked for another alternative. Greymatter was awesome in that it allowed for me to not rely on a 3rd party service for my blog. I think I religiously wrote journal entries from 2001-2003 using GM. It was also the first time I really got into installing/customizing scripts. From there I ventured into guestbooks (remember Megabook?), counters, message boards, and more. Then a lot of webhosts began to ban the script because it used too many resources. After that, I switched to b2, which later became WordPress.

Did you use Greymatter, and how did you come about using it? How did it change things online for you?
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has anyone heard from.....

Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew anything about Trayci? Shenae?

I think she went by both names... she owned two really popular sites and before that I was just using being nostalgic and I remember  whenever a new layout would go up, how I'd frantically rush to her website and be in complete AMAZEMENT of her work but I never had the courage to ever contact her.

If anyone could tell me anything about her whatsoever, I'd really appreciate it! thanks alot!


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Hi there, my name is Dot.

I highly doubt any of you would recognize me; though I was huge on joining cliques and web rings, I didn't truly feel as though my design rocked anyone's world. After holing up everywhere from gURLpages to and, I was officially hosted: first on, then, and finally (where I cranked out completely different layouts on a monthly basis, complete with handcrafted "blogs" and photo galleries). My boyfriend in 2002 was hosted at!

In 2004 I bought and rarely made layouts for the poor thing, so I just let it expire last year. I think this was the era of the PHP Fanlisting, and me joining them en masse.

I was really excited to see this community and decided to join today after admitting that I do spend more time online than I claim to. I found the community some time ago and got really emotional and weird about it when the realization sank in -- see blog entry -- that this amazing enclave of online creatives is growing fewer and farther between.

And yes, that link leads to a GreyMatter-generated blog page. On a hand-designed site. No PHP, no templates, all hand-coded in verifiable CSS. Hosted on a friend's domain, nonetheless. I'm keeping up the old habit, I guess.

So, this is me. I hope you'll have me. Where's everyone else from? Where's your history?

P.S. Does anyone remember, specifically the subdomain Xero? What ever happened to that guy Jeff? I used to chat with him all the time.
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Does anyone know whatever happened to Jayme of  I remember she had a website on Geocities called Jayme's World before that.  We were online friends, but I lost contact with her.

Or what about Ashley from  Or another girl that had a website for the longest since '97 or before that?  I think it was called or or something.  Something with the word "space" in it.

Also, is there anyone on here from  It seemed like they were one of the most hated.  Many of the hostees on teen/girl hosting websites after were considered "teeny boppers" (something that I was far from being).  Anyway, was thrown in that category.  Haha. I was a hostee there (, but chose to go back to my previous url.  Right before that, my url was

I'm also looking for a girl named Ollie.  We were online friends, but I got mad at her over something stupid and we stopped talking.  I think she owned a domain with the name "funkee" or something.  She was really nice.

Something that sucks about being on the internet back then was that many of us didn't have pictures, so we wouldn't know what the person on the other end of the computer looked like, so that we could put a face with a name.  I miss those days anyhow.

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New message board up!

This is Rach from and now machineKUNT. Does anyone still read the posts in this community hehe?

If you girls are down for a new place to post check this out:

Let's see if we can make it as big as the old boards like and used to be. That would be rad.

research update

Hi everyone,

Me again, again. Since people are posting on here more often, I thought I'd try and rustle up some interest in my research and see if anyone else wants to participate. Just to re-post my original request:


i'm starting a phd soon that looks at how people construct their identities online. i really want to look at how we used to do this using websites back in the 90s - the whole personal website, domain hosting, kinda thing - and contrast it with how we do it now - and how we think it's all changed (if it has at all!). i say "we" because *drumroll* i would ultimately like to interview people from this community. i need about 30 people, and i'll be doing the interviews around february-june 2009. i know this is far, far in the future ... but before i start working on the project, i need to know if there are 30 ppl out there who would be interested in participating. i'm looking for chicks between the ages of around 23 and 28, who were part of the website-hosting-girly-cliques communities anytime in the years 1995-2000 ish.

if this is something you're interested in, please let me know! leave a comment in this thread, and/or email me at to let me know your contact details, so that closer the date, i can contact you again and start the interviewing!


I'm in Australia, so all interviews will be via email, and maybe MSN and/or some kind of chat room. You'll get a full description of the research and be able to pull out at any time, and all responses will be kept anonymous (unless you don't want to be anon, of course). I've got about 22 people so far, so I'd love another 10+ to join in. Please, please email me at There's more info at my website -

Hope to hear from you soon!

-Nay (was at,, and

ETA: I'm shutting down this LJ, will now be known as "ms_maas". I'll watch this post so any comments WILL be replied to. You can always contact me on

Thanks for everyone's replies, please keep them coming :)