tehrinny (tehrin) wrote in oldschoolers,

GOODIES! and tossing ideas around.

So today, I stumbled upon a GOLDMINE. I found an old CD spindle. Hidden in the depths of this spindle, I found a CD that read "Old Site Files". Curious, I popped it into my computer and low and behold, EVERYTHING I'd ever done since I moved off Geocities in 2001 until 2005 was contained on this CD . It covers like 3 domains and 2 personal sites hosted elsewhere. It's like finding a hidden treasure. I've been dying to make a little site displaying all of my old sites, info on each, and their layouts.

Also on the note of Geocities, I did manage to save all my old files before it closed and uploaded it for the lulz. Oh, my late high school days.

Anyone else experienced something fun like this, or have you kept all your old stuff for the sake of looking back on it someday?

Anyway, one of the projects I've had in mind was to create a directory of sorts where you can list your name, old pseudonyms, and whatever location you can currently be found at (new domains/blogs, social networking etc.) Would you guys be interested in participating if and when I do get around to making this?

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