psychopretty (psychopretty) wrote in oldschoolers,

Does anyone know whatever happened to Jayme of  I remember she had a website on Geocities called Jayme's World before that.  We were online friends, but I lost contact with her.

Or what about Ashley from  Or another girl that had a website for the longest since '97 or before that?  I think it was called or or something.  Something with the word "space" in it.

Also, is there anyone on here from  It seemed like they were one of the most hated.  Many of the hostees on teen/girl hosting websites after were considered "teeny boppers" (something that I was far from being).  Anyway, was thrown in that category.  Haha. I was a hostee there (, but chose to go back to my previous url.  Right before that, my url was

I'm also looking for a girl named Ollie.  We were online friends, but I got mad at her over something stupid and we stopped talking.  I think she owned a domain with the name "funkee" or something.  She was really nice.

Something that sucks about being on the internet back then was that many of us didn't have pictures, so we wouldn't know what the person on the other end of the computer looked like, so that we could put a face with a name.  I miss those days anyhow.
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