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research update

Hi everyone,

Me again, again. Since people are posting on here more often, I thought I'd try and rustle up some interest in my research and see if anyone else wants to participate. Just to re-post my original request:


i'm starting a phd soon that looks at how people construct their identities online. i really want to look at how we used to do this using websites back in the 90s - the whole personal website, domain hosting, kinda thing - and contrast it with how we do it now - and how we think it's all changed (if it has at all!). i say "we" because *drumroll* i would ultimately like to interview people from this community. i need about 30 people, and i'll be doing the interviews around february-june 2009. i know this is far, far in the future ... but before i start working on the project, i need to know if there are 30 ppl out there who would be interested in participating. i'm looking for chicks between the ages of around 23 and 28, who were part of the website-hosting-girly-cliques communities anytime in the years 1995-2000 ish.

if this is something you're interested in, please let me know! leave a comment in this thread, and/or email me at to let me know your contact details, so that closer the date, i can contact you again and start the interviewing!


I'm in Australia, so all interviews will be via email, and maybe MSN and/or some kind of chat room. You'll get a full description of the research and be able to pull out at any time, and all responses will be kept anonymous (unless you don't want to be anon, of course). I've got about 22 people so far, so I'd love another 10+ to join in. Please, please email me at There's more info at my website -

Hope to hear from you soon!

-Nay (was at,, and

ETA: I'm shutting down this LJ, will now be known as "ms_maas". I'll watch this post so any comments WILL be replied to. You can always contact me on

Thanks for everyone's replies, please keep them coming :)
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