This is a few years later but...

Just stumbled upon this thread in my late night web surfings. I never owned a domain but spent all 1999-2001-ish holed up in my basement frequenting these journals and UBB boards while in a deep teenage angst stage. I was in high school at the time and couldn't relate on the same level to a lot of people I went to high school with. I remember the plastique boards, for some reason I really liked a girl who blogged at (Think her name was Laur?) And to be honest, can't really remember a lot of the other ones off the top of my head but if I was reminded I am sure I could.

This website has been helpful in my search as well!
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I doubt anyone even remembers me, I was a bit of a blip on the internet but I thought it would be worth posting here (if anyone still reads this) to see if there was someone out there who remembered me.

I'm Lisa (although I went through a phase of calling myself "Cherry") and I'm blonde and Australian.

Past URLs include:
  • / lurvely
  • (?i think?)

I remember,, some girl called 'brianne' who apparently caused drama?,, riot MB, fuCK board (i remember when i was a member and then it was closed for membership and the coolest thing ever was to be a member!)

Is this ringing any bells for anyone?!

Hey, party people

Blast from the past here. What's everyone up to? I was Internet stalking POETIC-JESTER.ORG & LEOPARDPRINT.ORG and stumbled across this place again. I was, did some designs for vapid, did some more designs for emptysound, can't even remember most of it; now I run a business consulting + business development company with my wife & have a full team for graphic design & web development. Yeah!
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Hey guys!

Any of you still have sites of a personal nature such as blogs, portfolios, or just the good ol'fashioned personal site?

I made a clique for old time's sake:

If you still have a site around, feel free to join! :) I'll also allow Livejournal accounts (especially from this community, just mention "oldschoolers@lj" in the comments when you join!)

You can also add a story to the stories page even if you don't have a site right now.

Otherwise... I posted about a directory project awhile back. I'm starting that up now. This will be for everyone, including those who are only on social networking sites these days.

11/16/11: Locking this post as it's getting spammed to hell up. But the clique still exists for those who wish to join. :)

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Do any of you remember a girl named Nicole who, as far as I know, was still on LJ around 2002? She had a couple of domains that all had "star" in the title (lol sorry, I know that doesn't narrow it down) and met her girlfriend through her sites... they eventually moved in together. I know she went from lj to lj but I eventually lost track.

Also, anyone know what happened to Olivia from or any of her hostees?
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GOODIES! and tossing ideas around.

So today, I stumbled upon a GOLDMINE. I found an old CD spindle. Hidden in the depths of this spindle, I found a CD that read "Old Site Files". Curious, I popped it into my computer and low and behold, EVERYTHING I'd ever done since I moved off Geocities in 2001 until 2005 was contained on this CD . It covers like 3 domains and 2 personal sites hosted elsewhere. It's like finding a hidden treasure. I've been dying to make a little site displaying all of my old sites, info on each, and their layouts.

Also on the note of Geocities, I did manage to save all my old files before it closed and uploaded it for the lulz. Oh, my late high school days.

Anyone else experienced something fun like this, or have you kept all your old stuff for the sake of looking back on it someday?

Anyway, one of the projects I've had in mind was to create a directory of sorts where you can list your name, old pseudonyms, and whatever location you can currently be found at (new domains/blogs, social networking etc.) Would you guys be interested in participating if and when I do get around to making this?
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PhD research - want to get involved?

Hi all! I've posted in here over the last couple of years about a phd I'm working on about our experiences. Good news - I'm finally ready to send out questionnaires for people to complete! If you'd like to participate, could you please comment here on email me on, and I'll send the questionnaire to you.

If you've already given me your email address previously, I'll be sending you a questionnaire anyway. But if you've changed your email address, please let me know.

Thanks in advance!

Edited to add:

Actually if you're happy to participate, you can do so without contacting me - just have a read of your rights as a research participant in the Word file within the Zip file located here, and then complete the questionnaire at Google Docs here.  Google Docs won't let you save your work in progress, so make sure you have 15-20 minutes to complete the questionnaire in one sitting.  

Email me with any questions!


this is crazy... I'm Kristin and I used to own (from maybe 1997-2002? I maybe used to go by Sarah Collette? lol ohh middle school) which I'm sure none of you remember, but I remember a lot of your sites!!! I wish I could remember some of the people that I used to talk to all the time back on ICQ and The Palace (ha remember that?) but I have no freaking clue. Hope everyone is well... :)

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i miss all of you. it's been too long. it was always so awesome to connect with so many girls from all around the world who i shared so much in common with.

how many of you still have web sites?

i still own it's been around for about 8 years now.
anyway i'm always trying to track down fellow oldschoolers so i'd love to know if you're still writing, and designing.
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