the little savior heartbreaker (tennyo) wrote in oldschoolers,
the little savior heartbreaker

No more greymatter

Hey oldschoolers,

I never had any popular websites, but I was coding/blogging/geeking back in the day, along with everyone else. Anyway, I was just puttering around online and wondered what happened to Noah Grey, author of Greymatter. I was kind of saddened to see that he will be closing his site on January 1st, 2009. Noah Grey's online presence will be missed. He's a talented coder, photographer, and one helluva writer.

Originally I was a happy Blogger user, but then their service began crapping out, so I looked for another alternative. Greymatter was awesome in that it allowed for me to not rely on a 3rd party service for my blog. I think I religiously wrote journal entries from 2001-2003 using GM. It was also the first time I really got into installing/customizing scripts. From there I ventured into guestbooks (remember Megabook?), counters, message boards, and more. Then a lot of webhosts began to ban the script because it used too many resources. After that, I switched to b2, which later became WordPress.

Did you use Greymatter, and how did you come about using it? How did it change things online for you?
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