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Hi there, my name is Dot.

I highly doubt any of you would recognize me; though I was huge on joining cliques and web rings, I didn't truly feel as though my design rocked anyone's world. After holing up everywhere from gURLpages to Envy.nu and Manifest-Angel.com, I was officially hosted: first on Jenno.com, then SuburbanGirl.net, and finally MissGeek.net (where I cranked out completely different layouts on a monthly basis, complete with handcrafted "blogs" and photo galleries). My boyfriend in 2002 was hosted at PaperSkye.com!

In 2004 I bought Eating-Dynamite.net and rarely made layouts for the poor thing, so I just let it expire last year. I think this was the era of the PHP Fanlisting, and me joining them en masse.

I was really excited to see this community and decided to join today after admitting that I do spend more time online than I claim to. I found the community some time ago and got really emotional and weird about it when the realization sank in -- see blog entry -- that this amazing enclave of online creatives is growing fewer and farther between.

And yes, that link leads to a GreyMatter-generated blog page. On a hand-designed site. No PHP, no templates, all hand-coded in verifiable CSS. Hosted on a friend's domain, nonetheless. I'm keeping up the old habit, I guess.

So, this is me. I hope you'll have me. Where's everyone else from? Where's your history?

P.S. Does anyone remember GeekStar.org, specifically the subdomain Xero? What ever happened to that guy Jeff? I used to chat with him all the time.
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